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Lima, OH

My family and I thought about saving energy in our house. We started out by buying a number of fluorescent light bulbs to replace incandescent light bulbs in the master bedroom, master bathroom, basement workshop, kitchen, front room, the upstairs hallway, and my bedroom. Later, we replaced incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs in the downstairs hallway and garage.

My dad purchased a generator last year that can generate 6000 watts. The fact that we had many 85 and 100-watt bulbs was just too much for the generator. The basement, including the workshop, took up more than 2,500 watts just to power the lights. The garage and basement workshop had 100-watt bulbs in it. Every other room on the spreadsheet had 85-watt bulbs. Just from that information we knew that the generator would have an overload if all of these bulbs were turned on with the power out and the generator running (and we still had a house to power with the generator).

The idea for doing this special project came up because my dad and I have seen many ENERGY HOG commercials and thought this project would be a great one. I really learned a lot. We saved 82% in energy cost (for the lighting)!


Sandra (sixth grader)